A Beirut penthouse that revives the senses

This Insula apartment showcases a sophisticated design while blending with its urban and Mediterranean surroundings

Perched atop a residential tower in Achrafieh, Beirut, the Insula apartment stands as a testament to sophisticated design while blending seamlessly with its urban and Mediterranean surroundings. This two-storey penthouse, complete with a rooftop pool, showcases an open-plan layout that harmonises flowing spaces with clean lines, offering panoramic views while narrating tales of the couple’s worldly travels.

Lighting by Spockdesign; Console by Ado Chale; Floating bowl painting by Farhad Moshiri; and Ceramic by Souraya Haddad

The lower floor of this residence plays host to the reception areas, kitchen and two bedrooms, while the upper floor boasts a third bedroom, a beach-inspired living area and a terrace overlooking the bustling city below. The design ethos revolves around creating fluid pathways amidst a curated collection of art and artifacts. Sharp architectural details punctuate each space, framing iconic city landmarks while fostering a sense of intimacy through thoughtful furniture arrangements and wall treatments. 

Rattan ‘Nalgona’ chair by Chris Wolston; Artwork from the ‘Fractal’ series by Nabil Nahas; labaster side table by Omar Chakil; and Pair of vintage armchairs by Jose Zanine Caldas via Galerie Gabriel New York

One notable design intervention on the lower floor is the use of a vintage desk as a partition, preserving uninterrupted views across the living area while maintaining visual connections with the cityscape. Wide corridors double as art galleries, seamlessly integrating storage solutions into the rhythmic cladding of the walls. A circular path on the main level invites exploration, leading from the main bedroom suite to the guestroom via an en suite bathroom.

Each space is sculpted into a large open volume that frames a view of the city’s landmarks, and configured into smaller layouts by using low curated furniture pieces

The upper floor exudes a Mediterranean holiday ambiance, with traditional limewash walls, textured furniture and abundant natural light streaming in through large windows that open onto the terrace and pool. Mechanical and cooling systems discreetly nestle within the walls, preserving the spaciousness and aesthetic continuity of the interiors.

Fitted with integrated lighting, the adjustable shelving unit in the dining area is installed to display objects and smaller paintings. Featuring a wicker armchair by Marni; Ceramic totem by Hala Matta; and a Jose Lerma painting

Every corner of the Insula apartment is a fusion of diverse styles and eras. Bespoke furniture and contemporary art pieces mingle with Middle Eastern artifacts, 19th-century Damascan rugs and vintage Western elements. Integrated lighting and adjustable shelving in the dining area allow for dynamic displays of objects and paintings, ensuring the space remains adaptable to evolving narratives and travel-inspired stories.

Within the main bedroom lies a fabric fresco by Louis Barthelemy, alabaster wall lights by Omar Chakil, the vintage ‘Coque’ armchair by Philippe Hiquily, and rug by David & Nicolas for Iwan Maktabi

In essence, the Insula apartment transcends mere architectural excellence; it encapsulates a narrative of artistry, timelessness and the harmonious interplay between personal expression and urban living.

Beirut penthouse x identity
The corridors are conceived as wide galleries where walls hold an array of art pieces, and storage is integrated in a seamless rhythmic cladding
Beirut penthouse x identity
The kitchen unfolds through a black metal and glass partition, letting light from across the large kitchen façade into the hallway

Photography by Stephan Julliard

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