For over 30 years Technogym has been committed to promoting Wellness, a lifestyle based on regular physical exercise, a balanced diet and a positive mental attitude: a typically Italian lifestyle with its roots deep in the ancient Roman saying “mens sana in corpore sano”, able to combine business and social responsibility.

In 1983, President and Founder, Nerio Alessandri, designed and built his very first piece of gym equipment in his garage in Cesena at the age of 22. Today Technogym is the world leading supplier of products, digital technologies and services for fitness, sport and health. With over 2,000 employees, half of whom are based at the headquarters in Cesena, and 14 branches in Europe, U.S.A., Asia, Middle East, Australia and South America, Technogym currently exports 90% of its production to over 100 countries. Everyday, 40 million people in the world train with Technogym in over 80.000 Wellness centers and 300.000 private homes.

The company’s offer is characterized by the Technogym Ecosystem, a unique ecosystem in the industry that includes a full range of smart equipment, the MyWellness Cloud platform alongside added value services such as Interior Design, consultancy and training, after-sales assistance and marketing support. Thanks to its ecosystem, Technogym is able to offer end-users a personalized training experience that is accessible wherever they are, both on Technogym products and in everyday life, and to operators the opportunity to develop new business models. Today, over 10 million end-users and 15,000 wellness centers around the world are connected to the services of Technogym’s digital platform.

In 2012, the company celebrated the opening of the Technogym Village, the new headquarters and the world’s first ever example of a Wellness Campus, described by international press as the most wellness workplace in the world, that has inspired the development of the Technogym Ecosystem. The project covers an area of 150,000 square meters and hosts its centre for research and innovation, production facilities and a large wellness centre reserved for physical activity, interior design and wellness education.