Lobo & Listone – On Demand

Sustainably sourced wood flooring for healthy living and reducing carbon footprint!

As never before, people across the world are concerned about health and wellbeing in these challenging times when aspects like hygiene, longevity, value for money and sustainability have assumed great significance. With more time spent indoors, everyone’s focus now is on ensuring that all interior spaces are maintained hygienically. Wood flooring effectively addresses these needs, as Lobo & Listone along with Woodfloors Middle East LLC (Woodfloors) have proved so well in the past decades.

Research has established that wood flooring improves overall air quality in the home as hardwood floors are hypoallergenic. Because flooring covers a significant portion of space in your home, choosing your flooring impacts your home’s design, besides health and wellbeing. Wood flooring alone can seamlessly bring together aesthetics, sustainability, eco-friendliness and style, all in a single product.

With proper care and maintenance, wood floors can last a lifetime. And Woodfloors is always there to support you.