Atlas Concorde releases Marvel Onyx collection

Experience the Timeless Beauty of Onyx in Your Living Spaces

Atlas Concorde x Marvel Onyx

Atlas Concorde has released Marvel Onyx, a new collection that captures the ethereal beauty and protective essence of onyx. People have revered onyx for centuries, known for its luminous colors and intricate details, and Atlas Concorde‘s Marvel Onyx brings this ancient stone into contemporary interior design.

Marvel Onyx is crafted to create spaces that are both welcoming and protective, with large-format slabs that highlight the stone’s elegant, ethereal luminosity. This collection is part of Atlas Concorde’s Marvel World, a series dedicated to exploring the finest marbles and stones. Marvel Onyx stands out with its high-gloss polished finish, enhancing the stone’s natural beauty and creating a sophisticated ambiance.

Atlas Concorde x Marvel Onyx | Identity

Inspired by natural onyx, a near-transparency and delicate veining that adds depth and lightness to any space characterizes these Marvel Onyx slabs. This collection is perfect for creating an environment of comfort, hospitality, and well-being, making it ideal for everyday living.

The Marvel Onyx collection features a refined color palette, each shade bringing a unique character to the stone:

  • Marvel Onyx White: A warm white base with tone-on-tone crystalline veins and hazelnut shades, creating a profound three-dimensional effect.
  • Marvel Onyx Alabaster: Inspired by golden onyx, with a champagne-colored body and delicate hazelnut nuances, adorned with subtle white and gold veins.
  • Marvel Onyx Pearl: Featuring tones of pearl gray broken up by faint white streaks.
  • Marvel Onyx Noir: An intense black field with very fine white veins.
  • Marvel Onyx Sky: A light blue background enriched by indigo shading.
  • Marvel Onyx Quartz: Inspired by a natural stone from the Orient, with a distinctive soft pink color traversed by elegant white lines.

Atlas Concorde x Marvel Onyx | Identity

Atlas Concorde x Marvel Onyx | Identity

Large-format slabs (120×278 cm) fully express the aesthetic potential of Marvel Onyx, emphasizing the monolithic dimensions and coordinating with modular formats (60×60, 60×120, 120×120, and 120×240). This versatility allows for a multitude of design combinations, enhancing both residential and commercial spaces.

Atlas Plan, a brand of Atlas Concorde specializing in large slabs for kitchen countertops, tables, and furnishings, explores Marvel Onyx in a 162×324 format in the White version. Additionally,  Atlas Concorde Habitat transforms Marvel Onyx into stunning bathroom fixtures, featuring natural onyx washbasins that add a touch of luxury to any bathroom.

Marvel Onyx by Atlas Concorde seamlessly blends contemporary design with timeless elegance, offering an understated luxury that transforms spaces into refined settings. Discover the light and elegance of onyx with Marvel Onyx, and elevate your living spaces with the beauty of this remarkable stone.

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