A culinary revolution

The London Project is scheduled to open its doors on Dubai’s Bluewater Island.

The London Project is opening soon on Bluewater Island.

The London Project has been working tirelessly to perfect the art of hospitality alchemy. Through the careful filtration of elegance, reverie, passion and peerless expert experience in the industry, a new London emerges on Bluewater Island, at the foot of Ain Dubai.

The London Project, opening its doors Q4 2018, will be a hospitality destination; a restaurant, bar and social space and a place one can visit and enjoy all the discernible pleasures such an establishment might ordinarily offer. But, whole and in full possession of its identity, it is so much more than this.

The renders of the first The London Project begin to paint the poetry of what’s to come. They show the careful, considered melding of ‘urban chic styling and finishes’ with the ‘soft, natural palette of the botanical space,’ as described by Julian Peter Floyd, Head designer on The London Project, responsible for visually articulating the visions of its creators.

He is explicit in what he refers to as a deliberate intent to create an environment, that is capable of ‘delivering multiple customer experiences’ making it an ideal venue to revisit, during the day and at night. Each of the spaces within The London Project has its own focal point: ‘The Living Ground Floor Dining Bar is inspired by the form of a living tree’ creating a rich communal area, framed by the verdant embrace of a leafy canopy. The Gin Garden is ‘a wild, enchanted English country garden’ art inspired by nature, by fairy tales and a dream of rural reclamation.

The bar area

Since the 1980s London has emerged from a food revolution, dragging itself from the punchline of bad food jokes into unquestionable recognition, as one of the most important haute-cuisine destinations on the map.

The London Project brings that revolution to your table, with that same passion put in to every dish. The menu is themed around interpretations of today’s London food scene, as eclectic, flavourful and interesting as the residents who cohabit the city. A selection of signature dishes, with inspiration and flavours pulled from a truly cosmopolitan spice rack. Teasing each palate with tastes of home wherever home may be. Sharing is also high up the menu.

Thamesian tapas: platters to divide up amongst friends, provisions for stories in the making. The theatre kitchen and food preparation stations will be open and visible for all to see. Pride and honesty.  It’s food for the people, prepared by the people.