Six team players at the office

The magic of tidying up Need to channel your inner Marie Kondo? Known for his meticulous designs, designer Toan Nguyen (and past id awards judge) presents his collaboration with Teknion: tn Storage & Accessories.
It appeals to minimalists and maximalists alike with its refined use of colour. Beloved by the industry, it just won Interior Design's HiP Award in Accessories category and the 2018 Best of NeoCon Silver Award in Office Accessories category.
teknion.com / toan-nguyen.com
Knowledge is power You can barely keep your eyes open in the morning and your team has a meeting scheduled in a late afternoon meeting. Never fear. Javier Cuñado from ITEM Designworks has brought his vision to Actiu (National Design Award winner 2017) and created Power, an adjustable table system for the office.
It’s able to accommodate working while standing and sitting; its electric elevation system promoting movement throughout the day-- keeping you awake.
Test drive Confess. You’ve daydreamed about winning the office chair Olympics. Well, Herman Miller is way ahead of you. At this year’s Salone del Mobile, they asked visitors to test drive their new Cosm chair with Auto-Harmonic Tilt™.
Designed by Berlin-based Studio 7.5, the patented mechanism instantly provides balanced support and movement corresponding to the user’s body, posture, and seated position-- so users would forget they were sitting in a chair at all.
hermanmiller.com / jalapenotrading.ae
Letter of intent Denmark-based Design Letters’ new accessories will allow you to take the first step towards tech freedom. Their fabric-covered Textile Pencil Cases are available in three different versions: Study, Work, Create, and their mechanical pens have with three different messages: Work, Hello, Love. Finally: the pencil set, which includes three pencils (Words, Love, Hello), two erasers (Delete, Work) and one small notepad. They might just replace your Skype obsession.
Positive work environment It’s the ideal colleague: smart, helpful, stylish and motivates the team even on the toughest days. Welcome your new officemate, Max, the new 100% green seat by Swiss designer Christoph Jenni for Italian brand Maxdesign. The chairs and armchairs are made from two recycled materials, recycled organic polypropylene and eco-friendly recycled wood. Available in six versions, it’s made from reclaimed materials. It’s ok to be green with envy.

We all have one: the co-worker who gossips all day, the boss who always pops around at the last minute with a project you need to rustle up at a moment’s notice and the new hire who refuses to clean up his growing pile of folders, papers– and possibly last week’s lunch– from the communal workspace. And yet we press on.

This month, id takes a peek at items and spaces from brands recognised around the world for their ability to create harmony, capture the imagination and keep you inspired as the summer evenings wear on and the mornings get increasingly earlier.