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Workplace3.0 at Salone del Mobile, Milano

Today’s working environments are shared, fluid and public.

Hall 20 | A 07 - B 06

Workplace3.0, one of the major design pillars of Salone del Mobile, Milano (April 9-14, 2019), will focus on the concept of today’s workspace as a hybrid environment where duty and pleasure intersect as do the professional and personal.

The 52 exhibiting companies illustrate the transformation of working areas into fluid, flexible spaces for supply, reception and working areas that are designed to be adaptable to meet market demands now and in the future. In the role of think tank, Workplace3.0 explores the future, acting as a catalyst for developing ideas to respond to market challenges.

The exhibition is divided into four contexts:

  • Liquid Space – deconstructed space with movable parts and modular furnishings to easily adapt to a variety of changing functions.
  • Smart Office – the integration of cutting-edge technology into the furnishing elements.
  • Privacy – dedicated work areas designed to promote privacy and concentration, which is often neglected in the prevalent open environments.
  • Worker-centered Design – environments providing a healthy work environment, including the balance of natural and artificial light, proper ventilation and noise insulation as well as rest/recharge areas to boost concentration and creativity.

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