Tom Dixon wins 2019 London Design Medal

Win a Tom Dixon tote bag at TouchySmellyFeelyNoisyTasty.

Fat Family

The London Design Festival has awarded Tom Dixon with its highest accolade for an individual in the design industry. The 2019 London Design Medal recognizes not only his accomplishments but also his consistent design excellence.

If you are in London during the week of September 14-22, 2019, experience a journey through the senses at TouchySmellyFeelyNoisyTasty, a multi-sensory lab at the Coal Office of Tom Dixon’s King’s Cross hub. Navigate your way from Reception to Factory to the Arches of shops, visiting each exhibition and marking them off to win a limited-edition Tom Dixon tote bag.

The latest from the designer – Fat, Swirl, Spring and Opal, plus two new fragrances, Alchemy and Underground – will be available.

A full schedule of events accessible to the public will take place, ending on Sunday, September 22, 2019. Visitors can enjoy discussions with Dixon and other outstanding creatives, learn about Tom Dixon’s latest scents, witness the weaving of an original S chair using English Bulrush, and partake in the immersive tasting experience.

Spring Lights
Coal Office

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