Three minimalist wall lighting pieces that are both beautiful and functional

These lights are statement pieces on their own.

Interior designers usually recommend at least three light sources of different heights to create an inviting living space. Where once sconces were ornamental, wall lights have become as much about the shadows they cast as the light they beam. These poetic pieces are more than just lamps; they induce a profound and unique experience of light.

Piazza from From Lighting

Deep technological research, a poetic approach, rigorous aesthetics and keen attention to detail are also the key elements of From Lighting, a new independent lighting brand that offers high-quality products produced in Italy.

Piazza is a magnetic wall lamp that’s designed to move freely on the surface of a metal board, according to the user’s needs. The aluminium head can be rotated through 360 degrees and its intensity adjusted. Available in different colours and shapes, Piazza gives great sculptural impact to its architectural environment.

Halo Wall by Martín Azúa for Vibia

Halo explores the limits between the light and the lamp’s diffuser until it becomes a unified whole,” says Martín Azúa of his wall light, which provides a series of minimalist light sculptures. The result is suggestive ambient lighting that floats over the wall while at the same time bathing it with light. The Halo Wall, meanwhile, is a light rod that is one metre long.

The material becomes transformed into an emerging light in a magical way. “With Halo, I wanted to bring light closer to people, so that it would accompany them. Although… behind this proximity there’s a complex technical project,” says Azúa.

Oop’s from Ingo Maurer

Oop’s by Ingo Maurer is a strip of paper pinned to the wall, whose light source is hidden in the lower end. It combines the spontaneous expression of the ready-made with a very appealing curved shape and a pleasant light that falls through paper.

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