The id Design Awards 2018 shortlist: Hospitality Interior – Café

Congratulations to the architects and designers who've elevated cafe culture.

Aesthetically astute and designed with a nod to the imagination, these local cafes are infused with the spirit and energy of the region.  Created to accommodate the need for top-tier culinary offerings as well as the production and sale of special objects, these versatile cafes capture the essence of the new guest experience.

Al Rawi

roar a . k . a Pallavi Dean Interiors

Far from being a thing of the past, the need to produce and consume great literature – and its surrounding culture- is more desirable that ever. Al Rawi was designed to celebrate this love of books. The brief was to create far more than just a cafe. The client wanted a space to reflect Sharjah’s literary heritage (the Sharjah International Book Fair began in 1982) – and to be a hub for its creative community of booklovers, writers and publishers. The brief called for a multi-function space, incorporating a cafe, restaurant, event space and children’s creative zone – as well as a retail space selling books.

Drop Coffee Shop

L.S. Design

Born from a desire from those in the UAE craving specialty coffee, Drop is one of the first specialty coffee brands to be developed and born  the region. Because of its rootedness in the region, the design needed a locally developed concept that would integrate both the social aspects of enjoying coffee as well as brewing and roasting on-site.

The result: Drop takes its direction and inspiration from the fact that specialty coffee is enjoyed simply without complication. The design uses simple materials that have been integrated seamlessly; raw wood, concrete and white walls. From the shadow grooves to the hidden lights, it all fits into the ethos of both their ‘Less is more’ philosophy and that of specialty coffee.

Parlour Boutique

Nakkash Design Studio

Presented with the freedom of a carte blanche design plan by the client, Omar Nakkash was able to introducet he essence of Parisian cafés and bistros to Dubai with a modern and elegant touch- and that speaks to the client’s overall desire to offer of  ‘French Food without attitude’.

Nakkash selected every detail of the space, from the layout and materials to the colours- and even the music that would be played in the restaurant. His plan was to  ensure that every customer would be have all five senses engaged  as they dined and experienced the different elements of the cafe.

Two at Symphony

H2R Design

TWO café is the evolution of the Symphony brand, its high-end fashion retail sister. Located along the luxurious Fashion Avenue Extension of The Dubai Mall, TWO offers diners a beautiful place to eat and relax.

The design team was tasked to create a sophisticated and timeless dining experience, fusing the inspiration of TWO sisters to life and to seamlessly bridge the fashion concept to the café experience.

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