Technogym designs for wellness

Technogym to optimise the fitness areas on yachts.

In recent years, a prevailing trend has emerged, emphasizing wellness and a healthy lifestyle across various sectors. As awareness and interest in health continue to grow, an increasing number of individuals aspire to maintain their fitness even during leisure activities, such as vacations. This has led to a rising demand for fitness amenities not only in hotels, resorts, and country clubs but also in yachts.  Yachts increasingly function as genuine second homes and are aimed at offering new bespoke training experiences with an element of design. Innovative Italian design, technology, unrivalled quality and ease of use have made Technogym products the centrepieces of the world’s most exclusive yachts.

The symbiosis between Technogym and design is also expressed and developed in a series of premium personalised consultancy and support services for the design of interiors and wellness spaces, and one of the sectors of application is yachting.

Technogym offers its full support and shares its specialist expertise for the spatial distribution of the selected products, integrating even the smallest design details. These include optimal lighting so as not to interfere with product displays, the ideal distances between the various pieces of equipment for their safe and easy use, the interaction between the products and the air conditioning, the arrangement and concealment of electrical cables, as well as the positioning based on the product type (cardio lines in front of windows and with a sea view): all aimed at achieving the best possible added value.

When talking about the specific fitting out of a wellness area on a yacht, Technogym’s know-how also allows work to be carried out in complete harmony with the shipyard, taking into account the shipping-related technical specifications which require special care due to space, height, weight and stability. This is, for example, the case with treadmills built into the floor, in a recess that aligns the floor line and the level of the running surface, to minimise the footprint.

The aim is also to propose a spatial solution to the architect and end client in which the Technogym products fit into the specific part of the yacht in a harmonious, innovative and non-stereotypical way, just as the Technogym offer doesn’t speak an obvious language when it comes to the design of the individual product.

A frequent choice for the wellness areas on yachts is Technogym’s Personal line, designed by the internationally renowned designer Antonio Citterio and comprising premium products in terms of aesthetics, quality of materials and features. The perfect synthesis between cutting-edge technology, innovative raw materials and sleek and elegant design, the Personal line is capable of enhancing the interior of any yacht, fitting right in as a high-end item of furniture.

It is therefore no surprise that design studios and shipyards that work on yacht design turn to Technogym: often in these cases, the fitness area equipped with the brand’s products is the jewel in the yacht’s crown. Being able to enjoy a premium wellness experience and feel at home even when you are miles away is crucial to improving quality of life.

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