Talenti’s collaboration with world renown designers is making its mark on outdoor furniture

Umbrian brand Talenti is working with international designers to redefine the outdoor experience

id sponsorship: When Talenti made its Salone del Mobile debut in 2009, the Italian brand chose Egyptian-born Canadian industrial designer Karim Rashid to lend his futuristic touch to its first contemporary outdoor collection – a bold move from a firm that had only recently switched its focus from classical garden furniture. It was the first step on the path to bringing Talenti closer to the world of international designers, who have since created many of the Umbrian brand’s outdoor products.

Long before the blurring of indoor and outdoor had become a consumer demand – which has only increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many wanting to seek refuge outdoors – Talenti had already begun responding to this shift in modern lifestyles by creating outdoor furniture pieces that are not unlike those found within the interior world, but using durable materials and technologies to allow for a whole new way of living outdoors.

“In an era of forced closures and distancing, the importance of outdoor spaces is set to grow more and more,” says Fabrizio Cameli, Talenti CEO and founder. “People want to rediscover their freedom, including through the virtuous use of the outdoors. From this point of view, design can be a fundamental ingredient in creating outdoor spaces [that are] tailored to individuals, where refined environments are able to reactivate their senses.”

In order to anticipate trends and lifestyle shifts by offering creative and imaginative scenarios for outdoor living, Talenti prioritises its collaborations with designers. The brand has already worked with some of the biggest names in the design world, including Marco Acerbis, Ramón Esteve and Ludovica + Roberto Palomba of Studio Palomba Serafini Associati. Recently, Talenti added the signature of French interior designer Jean-Philippe Nuel to its list of collaborations, with the launch of the Riviera collection in 2020.

“One of Talenti’s founding values is a love for creativity, for the forms of beauty realised by human genius,” says Cameli. “Relying on the imagination and creative power of designers is absolutely fundamental for us. Collaborating with several designers allows us to incorporate different ideas and suggestions from different countries and cultures. All this contributes significantly to the overall creativity of the brand, allowing us to come up with new solutions for people’s satisfaction.”

The new Casilda daybed – part of the Casilda collection – has already become something of an icon amongst Talenti’s collections, and was designed by Spanish architect Ramon Esteve, who says, “The daybed stands out for its extraordinary proportions; it is the result of the extreme contrast between mass and lightness. The simplicity of the structure fully highlights the most special elements of the piece, creating an elegant and sophisticated product worthy of the Casilda collection.”

The metal structure of the daybed takes inspiration from a traditional pergola, while its largened soft cushions create an interplay of varying proportions. The geometric lines of its structure additionally highlight the various elements that define the product, such as the straps on the back and the wooden inserts in the armrest.

Talenti’s latest Riviera collection by Nuel comprises sofas, tables, chairs and sun loungers as well as poufs, chairs and coffee tables. With its simultaneous use of ceramics, leather, fabric and aluminium, Riviera is a multi-material collection designed to enrich the outdoors. Its’ sophisticated lines are evident in the two-seater sofa, complete with a waterproof cover, and in the Living armchair that is both wide and deep, making it perfect for relaxation. It is also the first time the brand has used stoneware in its collection, a material which interacts with the other materials in the collection.

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