A Symphony in the Sky by Etereo Design

This ‘Rubino’ penthouse in the Burj Khalifa, designed by Etereo Design, is rich in colours and textures

A circular dining space with a marble top and eye-catching glass chandeliers

Perched on the 103rd floor of the Burj Khalifa, this penthouse designed by Etereo Design situated in the tallest building in the world epitomises opulence and exquisite design. Spanning 418 square metres, the residence is a showcase of luxurious materials and meticulous craftsmanship. As anyone enters, the Tapetex wallpaper envelops them in an aura of elegance, setting the stage for the splendour within. The entrance is a harbinger of the opulence that lies beyond. Full-height camouflage marble adorns the flooring and walls, creating a seamless connection with Dubai’s stunning skyline. Enormous hidden marble-clad pivot doors along the corridors lead to a variety of spaces, offering a blend of grandeur and privacy.

Each bedroom has leather-backed walls featuring different themes

The spacious living area exudes a harmonious marriage of concealment and elegance. Large structural columns, sheathed in striking reddish orange Pavoni leather, anchor the space. Dark Cadorin parquet flooring underlies the circular living area, inviting relaxation in style. On one side, a circular dining space features a marble top and captivating glass chandeliers; and on the other, a cosy area with Giorgetti’s Flamingo table and a magnificent white grand piano. A custom free-standing bar counter, embellished with bronze metal and a Calacatta violet marble top, commands attention. The bar extends into a fully cladded marble wall, unveiling a temperature-controlled wine cellar behind glass doors – a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

The tasteful marble selections in the bathroom offer a retreat-style setting

Curved sliding doors with Tapetex wallpaper reveal concealed storage spaces, maintaining design continuity. The panoramic view of Dubai’s skyline serves as a stunning backdrop, framed by motorised curtains that, with a touch, gracefully cover the expansive windows.

In the TV room, a television mounted on a stitched leather wall overlooks the city through large windows. The discreet integration of technology enhances the immersive experience without compromising the design aesthetics.

Striking reddish-orange leather from Pavoni anchor the space

The kitchen is a masterpiece, with black marble adorning the counters, backsplash and cabinets. De Castelli’s blue-green and bronze metal-clad pocket doors reveal hidden amenities, adding an element of surprise. The master bedroom and bathroom redefine luxury, featuring a curved dressing table made of grey oak wood and Travertine greige marble. Forest brown marble accents, a walk-in closet with dark Cadorin parquet flooring, and Tapetex wallpaper complete the luxurious ensemble.

Marble takes centre stage at this penthouse

Each bedroom is a unique sanctuary, with leather-backed walls featuring different themes creating personalised and distinct ambiances.

In this home, the design transcends visual splendour; it’s an immersive experience.


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