Style alert: 5 Luxurious fall fabrics

Armani’s timeless contemporary style has made it a favourite of designers. One of 2018’s general themes for their collections is lightness. This concept is interpreted through vivid colours in a wider range with bright tones such as red, petroleum, viridian and forest green, as well as iridescent effects and flashes of metal.
Rubelli’s legendary fabrics have graced the homes of royalty, celebrities and the world’s top designers. Setting the tone for the industry, this season their signature style was articulated in contemporary vibrant hues. From lime - a midway shade of green and yellow - to aquamarine, it is complemented by shades of old pink and Tiffany blue, an oxidised bronze, coral pink and a welcome return of red.
Javier Mariscal, the top designer and creator of the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games mascot, fills Equipo DRT’s collection with a Mediterranean vibe of salty air and sunshine. The Russafa signature collection of 6 indoor/outdoor fabrics– Russafa, Alboraia, Malvarrosa, Floralis, Saler, and Matiscal — are summer itself. Bonus: all the fabrics in this line are made of resistant and flame-retardant.
Only a Parisian house with Lelievre’s character and elegance could have created the timeless contemporary collection Numero 23. Inspired by the grace and curiosity of the gentleman’s way of life in the 20th century, these tailored weaves make for a dandy lifestyle. Defined by the fluidity of wool, the deep pile of cotton and the natural look of linen and horsehair, the possibilities are endless.
Kvadrat + Kinnasand
Tailormade, the new collaboration between Kvadrat and Kinnasand, is characterised by state-of-the-art weaving technology, refined materials and multidimensional colours, to apply the concept of fine-tailoring applied to interiors. The collection offers a variety of sensuous structures and surfaces, from transparent and airy to natural and dense, these engage in a lively dialogue with vivid yarns and special finishes.

It’s the easiest way to personalise your interior: fabric. From upholstery to draperies to a simple cushion, a special pattern or material can evoke a memory, a dream or a wish in a n instant. This season, it’s all about an ethereal yet bold statements that are rich in spirit – guilty pleasure for the contemporary interior. Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, these luxurious textiles allow your interior to tell your story.