Shining a spotlight on the ID Awards 2023 shortlist: Rani Lorenzana

identity with collaboration with Casamia shines a spotlight on the candidates shortlisted for Emerging Designer of the Year at identity Design Awards 2023.

A conversation with Rani Lorenzana, Interior Designer from Finch

How long have you been working in the industry and what sectors (if any) do you specialize in?

I’ve been in the industry since March 2019. I primarily specialize in commercial design, but recently, I’ve had the opportunity to work on some exciting hospitality projects.

What are some of your key achievements from the past year? (both personal and professional)

Professionally, I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects that truly let my creative juices flow, earning me a spot on the shortlist for another award, last month, which I’m very grateful for. On a personal note, after countless attempts, I’ve finally mastered the art of brewing the perfect cup of coffee, a win that makes my mornings 10% brighter. Plus, I’ve also uncovered a newfound passion for snorkelling with Manta Rays, which has added an extra layer of adventure to my life.

What are some of the key learnings you received being part of the industry that you did not know before you joined?

Being in this industry, I’ve learned that design is also a means of communication. And being in a multicultural space. It allows people to connect through a shared experience thoughtfully crafted by the designer.

Any specific projects (completed) you would have liked to have been part of? 

If I could dream big, I would love to be a part of restoration projects for historical spaces. My visits to Château de Versailles and Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar made me realize the significance of preserving tradition and evoking emotions through space.

Who do you consider as a mentor in your career space?

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have crossed paths with inspiring individuals here in Dubai. In my earlier career, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my mentors, Jen Marquez, Michelle Perez, and Conrad Llamido, for not only showing me the ropes but also for being like a second family. And now, as I continue, I can’t overlook the warming trust and support I get from Kristian and Emma Stinson. They’ve played a crucial role in my growth as a designer, always challenging me to take my skills to the next level.

What branches of design would you like to explore next?

I’m particularly drawn to wooden architecture and landscape design – so this will most likely be my next venture. If not, I’m probably designing specialty coffee shops by the beach. 

In two lines, what’s your take on the current design industry?

The design scene these days is all about embracing sustainability and honoring traditions. It’s refreshing to see that we’re now placing a lot more importance on user experience and well-being, and personally, as a designer and someone who enjoys well-crafted spaces, I’m all in for this shift.

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