Review: Small Innovative Houses by Philip Jodidio

Get lost in the pages of a good book—it’s the soul of any room.

Small Innovative Houses

Given the environmental, social and economic forces shaping our current geopolitical landscape, it’s no longer surprising to see people opting for life in smaller spaces. From escapes in rural and woodland settings to urban spaces for city dwellers, the options seem endless – and welcoming. This exciting new volume explores how these contemporary marvels don’t only reflect a need but also an aesthetic preference.

Opening with a lively introduction by Jodidio, the book features 275 pages with 275 colour photographs and 55 b/w illustrations that reveal the beauty of homes in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

Foreseeably, most of the homes feature minimalist interiors, exteriors and palettes designed to highlight their natural surrounds. Standouts include Baumraum Architects’ Pond House and Mirrorcube House, both in Germany, as well as the Urban Cabin in the Netherlands by DUS Architects and Rooftecture OT2 in Japan by Shuhei Endo. But the most captivating residence is the inimitable Grayson Perry’s A House for Essex in the UK, by FAT Architecture.

Designed to be a relaxed, comfortable read, this volume is a friend to those looking for an armchair escape or inspiration to reinvent their lifestyle.

Small Innovative Houses

By Philip Jodidio