Reuse and return

A commitment to sustainability by the luxurious Soneva resorts allows guests to return to nature.

Encouraging guests to reunite with the natural world is the hallmark of the Soneva back-to-nature luxury resorts. For over twenty years they have been at the forefront of sustainable luxury hospitality, first banning plastic straws in all three resorts in 1998. Originally slated as a month-long plastic-free experiment, the resorts’ #PlasticFreeJuly initiative has expanded to become a year-round effort. Located on two of the most beautiful islands on the planet, the Maldives and Thailand, the brand’s commitment to sustainability helps ensure that guests and future generations can return for another ‘castaway’ holiday.

Photo: Alicia Warner

Today all the Soneva resorts are carbon neutral and support waste management and recycling initiative. Each resort filters mineralizes and bottles its own drinking water in reusable glass. Proceeds of about $90,000 US from this project fund Water Charity and Thirst Aid projects in over fifty countries while eliminating the need for 1.5 million plastic bottles.

Photo: Jacq Matt

Each of the three Soneva resorts has its own Waste-to-Wealth facility which recycles 90 per cent of its waste through innovative management strategies. For example, left-over food is composted and used to grow fresh vegetables, plastic is made into new products and even everlasting Styrofoam packing is recycled into construction blocks. Locally resourced bamboo straws are being tested at the Soneva Kiri in Thailand.

Photo: Jacq Matt

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