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In the ever-evolving world of architecture, interiors and design, pushing boundaries and redefining norms is the essence of creativity. In this issue, we explore innovative spaces that challenge conventions and set new standards, with a special focus on kitchens – the heart of the home.

Our journey begins with iconic architects who are revolutionising urban spaces. These visionaries are not just creating buildings; they are reshaping cities and influencing how we live, work and play. From Dubai’s shimmering skyline to Jeddah’s growing cultural neighbourhoods, these urban masterpieces inspire us to think beyond the conventional.

Redesigning the status quo / identity

We then step into the world of textile art with Iwan Maktabi, where we interview Mohamed Maktabi on what legacy means to him and how he blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designers. 

Our cover story showcases Kohler’s story, including how the brand continues to redefine the status quo with its tech-forward approach. Kohler’s innovative solutions in bathroom design set a new benchmark for luxury and functionality, making everyday living a seamless blend of comfort and style.

Kitchens then take centre stage in our design focus, where we explore the concept of social kitchens by looking at co-living spaces by VSHD Design, where community and culinary art intersect. These kitchens are not just for cooking; they are designed to foster connection and creativity. We also browse through unique kitchens that have caught our eye with their cutting-edge technology and ingenious designs, proving that the kitchen is the perfect canvas for innovation.

We also feature artists who are exploring themes of redesign and transformation, pushing the limits of their mediums to create works that challenge our perceptions and inspire us to think differently.

As you turn the pages, let yourself be inspired by beautifully designed homes in Dubai, London and Beirut. Each of these homes tells a story of transformation, creating spaces that are both timeless and avant-garde.

We hope this issue ignites your imagination and encourages you to embrace the spirit of redefining the status quo in your own spaces.

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