Re-introducing Havelock One

Rebranding reflects core values of the interior manufacturing and contracting company.


Havelock One is the rebranded identity of Havelock AHI. For twenty years the company has provided fully integrated turnkey fit-out services for clients throughout the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The addition of ‘One’ to the name represents their key brand attributes of united, unique and leading as they provide innovative solutions, delivered on-time. The Havelock One Abu Dhabi team has created an in-house design and build project utilizing glass, timber, leather steel and carpet as dominant elements in the open plan layout.

“Being equally a prime reference for the quality of our turnkey fit-out service offering, while fusing our values and aspirations, the design expresses unity, transparency and at the same time, facilitates collaboration,” says Adrian Sellar, Division Director of Havelock One’s UAE operations.

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