Perennials Introduces the Groundwork Collection

The company’s new hand-tufted rugs combine traditional craftsmanship and modern needs

Perennials Fabrics and Rugs, renowned for its luxury performance textiles, rugs and accessories, has introduced the Groundwork collection – a new line of hand-tufted rugs. The launch marks a significant expansion of Perennials’ offerings, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern design needs. The Groundwork collection is crafted in the brand’s award-winning facility in India and showcases the skill of artisans, who use tufting guns to create intricate designs. These rugs are made with a rigid backing, ensuring they can be installed easily across various settings, from wall-to-wall carpeting to yachts and commercial spaces.

Featuring four unique textures and nine border options, the Groundwork collection allows designers to choose from over 8000 colour poms, enabling each rug to be customised to meet specific aesthetic and functional requirements. Corbin Perkins, Product Development Manager at Perennials Rugs, explains, “This collection allows us to engage in projects we’ve previously had to pass on, like complex stair projects and wall-to-wall installations. Groundwork offers an accessible entry point for designers who aspire to use Perennials rugs but may have had budget constraints. It also complements our hand-knotted rugs, providing versatile options for various design needs.”

Perennials’ hand-tufted rugs are woven from 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarn, making them resistant to fading, mildew and UV damage. This durability ensures they can stand up to everyday use while maintaining their beauty, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. With the Groundwork collection, Perennials continues to blend the look and feel of high-quality, natural materials with the performance of advanced acrylic fibre technology, offering lasting elegance and functionality through every piece.

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