Our future is in their hands

Dubai Design Week’s Global Grad Show is a platform for design and technology for social good.

Global Grad Show is an exhibition of innovation from the world’s leading design and technology schools. The show is an inspiring and optimistic look at what is in store for the next generation.

The fourth edition of the acclaimed annual exhibition of life-changing inventions from graduates of the world’s leading design and technology universities returns to Dubai this November, in partnership with Investment Corporation of Dubai.

Having received over 1000 entries – double that of last year – 150 projects from exceptional graduates will be exhibited, selected from 100 universities including Harvard, MIT and RCA, as well as those from emerging nations.

New to the programme this year is the inaugural innovation conference titled ‘Belief in AI’ that will take place on 12 November, and the Dubai Evolution Challenge, overseen by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).

The 2018 edition will showcase 150 of the inventions from students of shaping our tomorrow from 100 universities. Visitors can expect to see solutions ranging from the physical to the virtual, high-tech and complex to small and conceptually simple. Technology for doctors that can identify cancer cells using a pen, solutions to combat declining bee populations, a ring that helps the visually impaired to retain their independence, affordable ways to tackle climate change and much more.


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