Natural Inspirations

The new Reem Mall will reflect the uniqueness of Abu Dhabi.

Mangrove Atrium

Inspired by Abu Dhabi’s mangrove forests, salt flats and crystal formations, the new Reem Mall promises to offer shoppers a unique experience that envelopes the history of Abu Dhabi. Scheduled to open in late 2020, the mall will be divided into three distinct areas, each with its own look and feel.

Mangrove Atrium will form the central axis that visually reaches out to the nearby Najmat Marina to create a link to the ocean. The Urban Façade and Mall, inspired by the salty crystalline formations resulting from mangrove leaves, will utilize angles and textures to create a feel of contrast and diversity. The Dynamic Façade and Mall, inspired by the vast salt flats or Sabkha, will have contemporary panels that provide a distinctive modern identity.

“The design vision for Reem Mall underpins the project vision to create a best in class retail and leisure destination that welcomes all, and to connect Reem Mall with its location on Reem Island,” said Shane Eldstrom, CEO of Al Farwaniya. “From the outset our ambition has been to design a mall that is both visually stunning and highly functional, delivering a never-before-seen guest experience. Reem Mall will bring a fresh indoor atmosphere, with schemes that flow effortlessly from inside to outside, creating the perfect balance between business and beauty.”

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