How Marcin Waszak redefines design norms

Marcin Waszak’s work transcends mere functionality; it tells stories of heritage, innovation and cultural exchange

Marcin Waszak  while growing up in Poland received an early introduction to the world of upholstery ignited a spark that would eventually lead him on a transformative path within the realm of furniture design. He migrated to the UK, initially working in production-based roles before embarking on a quest to align his career with his passion. His educational pursuits took him to Oxford and later to London, where he found a fertile ground for his creative aspirations.

marcin Waszak x identity
Waszak’s design ethos is deeply rooted in his fascination with twentieth-century design history

Waszak’s professional trajectory saw him honing his skills in design and craftsmanship while working with various furniture brands. However, it was his tenure at a small business specialising in bar design that provided a pivotal opportunity. Here, his talents flourished and his innovative approach caught the attention of industry veterans, propelling him into the realm of bespoke furniture design. Waszak’s design ethos is deeply rooted in his fascination with twentieth-century design history, from the clean lines of Bauhaus to the influence of automotive design on interiors. His designs seamlessly blend organic forms, minimal aesthetics and a reverence for traditional craftsmanship from around the world.

marcin Waszak x identity
Z Desk

His audience has evolved from mass production to bespoke creations, catering to interior designers and private clients seeking distinctive pieces with a story to tell. His love for experimentation extends to materials, where he explores the boundaries of wood, glass, cement and ceramic, with a current emphasis on the intrinsic qualities of wood.

marcin Waszak x identity
Oak Chair

Among Marcin Waszak’s standout projects is ‘WAVE,’ a sculptural marvel inspired by Frank Gehry’s architectural wonders. Collaborating with the American Hardwood Export Council, the artisan crafted this piece using American red oak, showcasing his mastery in steam-bent wood techniques. ‘WAVE’ challenges traditional concepts, offering a flexible system of drawers and shelves that adapts to clients’ needs and spaces.Another beloved creation is the ‘Crab Box,’ a jewellery box born from Waszak’s passion for sustainability. Crafted from recycled timbers like maple and bog oak, this playful yet elegant piece embodies his commitment to minimising wastage and giving new life to high-quality materials. Nature and architecture stand as pillars of inspiration for Waszak. Whether observing the organic shapes of Gaudi’s Casa Milà or the post-war designs of Hansaviertel in Berlin, he draws from historical movements to create modern marvels. Travel plays a crucial role in his creative process, allowing him to absorb diverse cultures and incorporate their essence into his designs.


As Marcin Waszak continues to push the boundaries of furniture design, his journey stands as testament to the transformative power of passion, curiosity and a deep-rooted respect for nature and culture. In a world where design is often synonymous with innovation, Marcin Waszak emerges as a trailblazer, redefining the status quo one creation at a time.

Wave Desk inspired by Frank Gehry’s architectural wonders

Photography – Becky Moyce/Vine House Studios

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