Kristina Zanic Consultants collaborates with BSH Walls & Floors to create a new rug collection

Nomad Journey is a creative collaboration between Kristina Zanic Consultants and BSH Walls & Floors

Nomad Journey is a new rug collection, crafted by Kristina Zanic Consultants’ team in Riyadh, in close collaboration with specialist carpet weavers BSH Walls & Floors. The collection comprises five different designs, drawing inspiration from a traveller’s voyage through the various regions of Saudi Arabia and aiming to capture the resulting diverse experiences.

Kristina Zanic Consultants’ KSA team members – Amani Al Ibrahim and Noura Al Kanhal – worked closely with the BSH team to create a contemporary collection that exudes a distinctly Saudi identity.

“While outsiders often associate Saudi Arabia with exotic deserts or towering skyscrapers, we wanted to convey the promise of discovery within the country, and to showcase the rich diversity in regional landscapes, architecture and art,” said Al Ibrahim.

The designs capture the unique essence of the Najd, Aseer, Ahsa and Western provinces, artfully weaving their distinctive characteristics into the fabric of each rug through an interplay of patterns, colours and textures. 

The rugs measure 140cm by 200cm and are made from 100% hand-tufted New Zealand wool, carved at varying heights to create a luxurious textured finish. The process from initial concept to final product involved multiple iterations, ensuring the realisation of the desired outcome.

The central Najd region is represented through two rugs. SALWA depicts its organic building forms, geometric patterns and mud and plaster hues and textures, while EBIAH highlights the geometric style of traditional Sadu weaving. Meanwhile, the colourful geometric borders of murals and frescoes often seen in the southern Aseer region are conveyed through NAQSH.

The representation of traditional clothing also comes into play, with BISHT inspired by the warm hues and embroidery of the Saudi cloak worn by men in the eastern Al Ahsa region. Finally, AL-ROSHIN showcases the western region’s mashrabiya, which are traditional architectural elements in the form of cantilevered bay windows enclosed in wooded latticework. 

Originally designed for display at the INDEX Saudi Arabia trade show, the collection received massive positive response and is now available for order through BSH, with the added flexibility of customisable sizes. The collection allows enthusiasts of Saudi heritage to bring an element of the culture with a contemporary interpretation into their own spaces.

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