Al Mamlaka Social Dining by TGP International was inspired by the country’s hospitality

Al Mamlaka Social Dining is located in the heart of Riyadh’s iconic Kingdom Centre.

A first for Saudi Arabia, Al Mamlaka Social Dining is a food and dining hall in the heart of Riyadh’s iconic Kingdom Centre. A luxurious and elegant take on a traditional market hall, the carefully curated destination encompasses luxury and showcases stunning views of its locale. With features ranging from open kitchens to extravagant displays and entertainment dining, the hall enables visitors to enjoy various activities throughout. Al Mamlaka Social Dining was heavily inspired by Saudi hospitality, infusing concepts from the Kingdom and the region in a celebration of provenance that engages local talent.

TGP International took an elegant approach to reinterpreting the traditional market hall, and Al Mamlaka Social Dining demonstrates the agency’s sophisticated approach to design. The colour palette of natural tones is beautifully contrasted with green biophilic elements to create an immersive experience. The rustic aesthetics of the space are an ode to tradition, while the open plan allows for easy movement and unrestricted views of the hall’s layout.

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