Iwan Maktabi – The journey from carpets to contemporary art

In an exclusive interview, we delve into Iwan Maktabi’s journey, motivations and vision for the future

In the realm of design, where tradition meets innovation, Iwan Maktabi stands out boldly. Renowned for exquisite oriental carpets, the company seamlessly merges traditional designs with contemporary artistry, creating avant-garde expressions that redefine carpets as art pieces. In an exclusive interview, we delve into Iwan Maktabi’s journey, motivations and vision for the future through founder Mohamad Maktabi’s eyes, as the company challenges norms and pushes creative boundaries in carpet making and textile art.

Central to Iwan Maktabi’s design philosophy is the fusion of tradition with innovation, achieved through collaborations with artists, designers and architects who share the brand’s vision of pushing creative boundaries. “By collaborating with talented individuals, we break free from conventional norms,” explains Maktabi. The result is a marriage of traditional motifs and techniques with modern twists, creating a new visual language that breathes life into age-old craft. The collaboration with Emirati artist Noor Al Suwaidi exemplifies this commitment: Iwan Maktabi re-interpreted the artist’s artworks in a mixed medium of kilim and shaggy carpets using recycled yarn, renewing the visual language and adding a new dimension to textile handcrafted art. This innovative approach showcases the seamless integration of contemporary artistry with traditional craftsmanship, highlighting endless possibilities for artistic expression in carpets and textiles.

Iwan Maktabi x identity
Iwan Maktabi showroom in Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai

Creativity fuels Iwan Maktabi’s approach: “It drives our passion for redefining carpets as art pieces.” This blend of creativity and craftsmanship is evident in every intricate detail of the brand’s designs, blurring the line between craft, design and art. Looking ahead, Iwan Maktabi envisions a future where carpet design transcends boundaries, embracing new technologies, sustainable practices and cultural influences. “We envision the future of carpet design as a dynamic fusion of innovation, sustainability and cultural influences,” says Maktabi. This forward-thinking approach ensures the company’s craft remains relevant and impactful. To aspiring designers and artists, Maktabi offers sage advice: “Embrace curiosity, fearlessness and dedication to your craft. Challenge norms, push boundaries and let your imagination soar.” Collaboration, inspiration and the transformative power of creativity are key ingredients for impactful designs in carpet-making and textile art. Maktabi’s journey exemplifies the merging of tradition with innovation, pushing creative boundaries and redefining the status quo in design. The brand’s legacy of creativity and craftsmanship serves as a beacon for designers and artists worldwide.

Iwan Maktabi x identity

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