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Italian Design Day Celebration

Renowned Italian architect addresses internet related issues.

Italian Pavilion
Credits: CRA Graphic Team

For the third consecutive year, Dubai has been chosen to be part of the Italian Design Day initiative by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This year’s theme focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows technology to enter the traditional domain of architecture and design, thus allowing for a variety of applications from energy to mobility, from production to citizen participation

To mark the occasion, which was initiated to promote Italian design around the world, Carlo Ratti, renowned Italian architect, engineer and designer of Italy’s Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, gave a keynote speech on Design and the City of the Future at American University in Dubai. Time magazine declared two of his projects – the Digital Water Pavilion and the Copenhagen Wheel – as Best Inventions of the Year.

Liborio Stellino, Ambassador of Italy to the UAE said, ‘The internet has transformed the way that we live. Technology is integral to the future success of modern society and Italy has some of the leading voices in the IoT field. Italian expertise and the vibrant and creative environment of the UAE are deeply connected. Just this week, Dubai has been listed among the world’s top five cities when it comes to offering a positive experience for its residents through smart technology, showing the significant advancements this city has undertaken in recent years.”

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