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Interactive Originals at Art Dubai

Visitors to Art Dubai are invited to interact with artist Amrita to create an original that links them to Dubai.

Voicenote Dubai

To showcase her Voice note Art series at Art Dubai, visitors are invited to produce an inspired collector’s item they can take home for free. Merging sound, sight and the spirit of Dubai, Amrita of Art by Amrita will produce small, beautifully customized versions of her larger, hand-painted collection.

At the fair’s Oman Insurance Company & Bupa Global lounge, individuals will have the opportunity to be part of a sensory, live art activation. After saying their name in a voice recorder booth, an image of the shape of the sound waves will appear on a screen. Amrita and her team will then merge the lines of the sound waves with her original artwork by adding features synonymous with Dubai, including its legendary skyline. The resulting piece will be created on fine art paper and framed for the visitor to take with them.  Amrita will then personally write the visitor’s name and sign the artwork herself, producing a one-off collector’s piece by the artist.

“By saying their name, the voice of the person is interconnected with the voice of Dubai to create a deeply unique and customised artwork instantaneously, an artwork that captures the spirit and essence of Dubai through the voice of that person,” says Amrita of the experience.

Amrita Sethi

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