In Discussion x Ideal Standard: Impact of COP 28 and the future of sustainability in the region

Renowned designer - Roberto Palomba joins Andrew Harms and Chris Barnes to discuss the impact of COP28 on the regional design industry and sustainability at large.

In an era where sustainability is at the forefront of every conversation, the architecture and interior design industry finds itself at a crucial juncture with COP28. Now more than ever, there is a spotlight on the region to up its standards for greener processes and design. Balancing aesthetic appeal with ecological responsibility has become a priority for designers and stakeholders alike. In collaboration with Ideal Standard, identity brought together a panel of experts to discuss the various challenges and opportunities of integrating sustainability into the A+D landscape and outlined how governments can help with laws specific to the region.

The Panelists:
The panel featured Roberto Palomba, renowned designer and Chief Design Director at Ideal Standard along with Chris Barns, founder of Broadway Interiors and Andrew Harms, Technical Design Director

Watch the teaser for of the discussion below:

Some of the key themes discussed include client education, keen awareness of local and global impacts, and the ways in which the industry has the potential to transform itself into a force for positive environmental change. The insights gleaned from the sustainability panel discussion serve as a roadmap for a more responsible and sustainable future, where aesthetics and ethics seamlessly converge.

Watch the full panel discussion below:


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