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Celebrate Valentine's Day with the new 24-hour package at Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery.

Valentine's Day at The-Retreat Palm Dubai

Looking to give a spa day treat to your beloved this Valentine’s Day weekend?  It’s easy to find a typical superficial treatment centre, but to truly tap into the mental and physical elements of authentic wellbeing it takes a lot more than a soothing touch and soft music. This is one of the many reason’s why the Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery – the Middle East’s first holistic wellbeing resort designed with Feng Shui design principles – has announced the re-launch and revamp of their 24-hour retreat package.

The 24-hour retreat at The Retreat Palm Dubai has been revamped.

And design lovers will appreciate this news all the more because not only does it pamper its guests, but its interior design was created with the ancient principles of Feng Shui. Beginning with guest’s entrance into the hotel lobby, their spa experience is a complete soothing, relaxing journey.

The hotel lobby

‘Entering the hotel lobby one instantly gets this wellbeing effect that has been created by applying Feng Shui principles: bright natural light from glass windows, doors and ceiling, the central palm tree and wall art greenery, curvy shaped furniture pieces and carpets and the organically shaped reception desk emit a gentle and subtle feelgood vibe. The energy (Chi) moves gently through the space and distributes vibrant and yet gentle energy to all the adjacent areas. Glass doors to the outdoor area allow for a spectacular view onto the beach and create the feel of transparency and clear orientation, an important factor in Feng Shui’, explains Simone Osswald, the Middle East’s first and only ‘Feng Shui Wellness Designer’ and a specialist for their most recent 3-day wellbeing programme held at the end of this January.

‘While the entrance has the active and vibrant, bright energy of yang the spa has the perfect counterbalance of a yin space with dark hues, calmness and silence, ideally to relax. The use of all natural colours and materials like wood and marble support the grounding energy of the spa,  she continues.

VIP treatment room

The new spa experience begins with a welcome ritual featuring aroma and colour therapy and refreshing detox drinks. First, guests will undergo the orientation processes to gain a more in-depth understanding of the benefits of the city escapade. A plethora of group-based events shall initiate the regeneration process, such as consultations with the Naturopathic Consultant and Health Coach. With the pristine beach providing a venue for the relaxing sun set meditation session set to conclude the day, guests shall begin to feel the de-stressing take effect.

The following morning starts with a yoga session, followed by the nutrient packed breakfast. Then guests can participate in a re-energising oxygen treatment, as well as a customisable body and face cryotherapy followed by a true 30-minute spa session for face or body.

‘To maximize the effect of a treatment, the environment beyond the spa’s doors ideally supports and prolongs the feel-good effect. The Feng Shui-designed hotel provides this exact energy.  The entire Ground floor is designed to be used in a relaxed way and to dwell in all day long without feeling the need to dress formal as in other hotels. It is in fact the first holistic wellness retreat in the GCC and does its name great justice’, Osswald says.

The swimming pool

And those looking to add a Valentine’s Day bonus to their sweet retreat should take a look at their private cabana offer, which allows lovers to celebrate  with a picturesque setting on the beach, overlooking uninterrupted views of Dubai’s stunning skyline.

Or, go the traditional route of winning  your paramour’s heart via a gourmet feast with their Valentine’s Day dinner under the stars, which includes the glittering nightscape providing a romantic outdoor setting.  guests of the evening can indulge in an array of culinary delights with a specially curated four-course menu served on the scenic pool deck overlooking Palm Jumeirah. With the exclusivity of nine tables only, paired with the serenity of the property, there is no better way to celebrate the most romantic time of the year.

For more information please call 04-5247777 or visit www.theretreatpalmdubai.com

To check out Simone Osswald’s Feng Shui projects in Dubai, please visit: www.so-fengshui.com





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