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Become an interior designer through a comprehensive online course from the Professional Design Institute.

The UAE has become a magnetic hub, attracting creative innovation with its design-driven ethos that celebrates outstanding international designers while supporting and encouraging new talent. To prepare the next generation of passionate creatives, the Professional Design Institute started an online design institute, meeting the growing desire for quality, professional training.

The Professional Design Institute’s comprehensive online interior design course leads to a diploma accredited by multiple globally recognised and respected institutional bodies. “Certifications are important to students,” according to Reza Afshar (Managing Director), as it provides them with a recognition of specialized knowledge which helps them gain a competitive advantage. Certification also indicates that the students have received specialized training, and helps evaluate their talents and skills.”

The Professional Design Institute course consists of twelve modules that guide students through the full interior design spectrum. It begins with an overview and organically progresses towards technical and practical applications. Included are space planning, basic building and lighting, material, and finishes, as well as portfolio development and organisation, real-world business strategies and communication skills for the effective presentation of design ideas.

Students set their own schedule during the six- to eighteen-month time frame required to complete the programme as they explore their individual styles and creative flair through learning and hands-on projects. Supporting each student is an experienced mentor/tutor to answer questions, offer encouragement and support, and even discuss and advise on career choices.

Afshar stresses, “In interior design certification, it’s first and foremost important to have a passion for designing, to be willing to learn and able to understand every aspect of interior design. The skills and talents are a designer’s strong assets but to pursue it further it mostly depends on one’s efforts and hard work.”

The Professional Design Institute considers it their role to ignite the student’s imagination while offering the guidance and skills to achieve the goal of becoming a professional designer.

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