Duo Gastrobar by Bishop Design was designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere

The essence of DUO's vision finds life in design elements that boast fluid lines, layered arches and textured renders.

At the helm of Duo Gastrobar are culinary virtuosos Dmitry Blinov and Renat Malikov, the maestros behind DUO Band. As they move from the streets of St. Petersburg to sought-after developing neighbourhoods in Dubai, this marks the premiere of their international foray, beyond Russia. For the pair’s first venue to cross international waters, Bishop Design embraced the opportunity to craft something exceptional. In harmony with the brand’s manifesto – ‘sincere interest in every guest’ – the design serves to shape a welcoming haven that genuinely cares for its patrons. The design philosophy champions timelessness, forging an ambience of elegance, warmth and accessibility, and fostering a space where all relish true comfort and sheer enjoyment. Radiating innate beauty and minimalistic finesse, and accompanied by delectable cuisine, Duo Gastrobar honours the brand’s evolution while celebrating its bond with the local populace. The essence of DUO’s vision finds life in design elements that boast fluid lines, layered arches and textured renders. These flourishes, set against a bright and refined backdrop, conjure an inviting and intimate milieu, where guests can immerse themselves in the culinary symphony, vibrant energy and unique charm.

Carefully selected materials, particularly the interplay of timber components and organic textures, pay homage to the authenticity inherent in each dish and exhibit meticulous craftsmanship. This harmonious blend creates an environment that is not only Instagram-worthy but where every corner resonates with authenticity. 

A diverse array of tables and seating options mirrors the extensive menu choices, which cater to a wide range of customers. Touches of greenery enhance the relaxed and inviting ambience, while a warm and natural colour palette, accented with shades of blue, infuses the space with a distinctive personality that appeals to all food enthusiasts. 

In the open kitchen, culinary mastery takes centre stage, unmasking the fervour and finesse of every chef while also proudly showcasing the freshness and local sourcing of their produce.

Duo Gastrobar emerges as the bridge uniting high-end restaurants and casual cafés, offering a space that exudes style, modernity and professionalism, all while maintaining affordability. This establishment embodies an unwaveringly honest and sincere ethos, ensuring that each guest is held in equal regard, be they a seasoned professional or a student having lunch. Conceived through a democratic collaboration of skilled professionals in their respective fields, this venue proudly showcases a dynamic and contemporary culinary selection, masterfully crafted by well-established chefs. Paired with top-tier service and a deep comprehension of the art of dining, Duo Gastrobar stands as a beacon of exceptional hospitality. Bishop Design sought to elevate the customer experience through an organic design that gives rise to a novel destination – creating an authentic and unparalleled haven that resonates with genuine affection. Duo Gastrobar is the place where it all comes together.

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