A Dubai Hills villa where elegance meets modernity

BALCON Studio Transforms a Dubai Hills Villa while integrating elements that held significant sentimental value for the owners

Dubai Hills villa x identity

Nestled in the prestigious Dubai Hills Estate, this 450 m² villa, designed by BALCON Studio and styled by Margo Fayzulina embodies modern eclecticism. As the second project undertaken for these particular clients, the primary goal was to maintain the clean, minimalist finish provided by the villa’s developer while integrating elements that held significant sentimental value for the homeowners.

The heart of the project was the seamless incorporation of handmade Persian carpets, cherished by the villa owners. These vibrant carpets, featuring shades of blue, ocher, and beige, set the color palette and theme for the entire villa, injecting warmth and personality into the modern space. The villa is owned by a family with two adult children who no longer reside with them, seeking a sophisticated yet comfortable environment that could accommodate their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Dubai Hills villa x identity

Dubai Hills villa x identity

The project goals included minor adjustments to the developer’s original layout, with a focus on enhancing the functionality and luxury of the space. A key modification was the addition of separate bathrooms for each bedroom on the second floor, ensuring privacy and convenience. To meet the clients’ needs, the shared bathroom on the second floor was reconfigured into two distinct bathrooms, each with its own entrance from the respective bedrooms. This strategic redesign significantly improved the villa’s functionality without altering its overall layout.

The villa’s interior features a blend of classic and contemporary materials. High-quality paint adorns the walls and ceilings, while the dining area boasts 3D marble installations. The living room is enhanced with natural, open-pore travertine, adding a touch of timeless elegance. Locally applied decorative plaster adds texture and visual interest throughout the home, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

Dubai Hills villa x identity

Custom-made furniture tailored to the clients’ specific requirements is a hallmark of the villa. Each room features unique configurations, designed to optimize storage and enhance functionality. The original lighting design from the developer was largely retained, with the addition of warm, diffused decorative lighting to create a cozy and inviting environment. The color palette remains predominantly neutral, accented with hues inspired by the Persian carpets. Blues, ochres, and beiges provide visual interest and cohesion, tying together the various design elements throughout the villa.

Dubai Hills villa x identity


Furniture and decor decisions were made in close collaboration with the villa owner, ensuring a personalized touch. BALCON Studio designed and custom-made some pieces, while they sourced others from Italy. Key pieces include woven tapestries by @helen_loom, custom carpentry by Cyril Furniture, dining chairs from Bonaldo, custom art by Tamara Vasilenko, relief stone in the dining area by Vada Stone, and sofa, coffee tables, and side tables from Ditre Italia. Stylists meticulously curated the decor and textiles, sourcing items from Moon Stores, Nacre Living Interiors, and Art de Vivre Carpets, creating a cohesive and curated aesthetic.

The villa embodies modern eclecticism, seamlessly blending classic accessories with contemporary furniture. This approach results in a space that is both timeless and current, reflecting the clients’ unique tastes and lifestyle. The entire project was completed within 4 to 5 months.

The Dubai Hills Villa project exemplifies how thoughtful design can merge tradition with modernity, creating a luxurious yet inviting home that speaks to the individuality of its inhabitants.

Images by Sergey Nekrasov

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