Design scholarships offered

Kart Group announces program for DIDI students.

Mustafa Khamash

The Kart Group, a UAE-based luxury interior design atelier and furniture importer, has launched a scholarship program worth 390,000AED to subsidize tuition fees for two applicants to the Fall 2019 Bachelor of Design program at the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation.

Applicants must design a space-compliant game for astronauts or future Mars explorers that will promote the physical and mental well-being of space travelers. The game must include a toy component that requires them to perform athletic activities to maintain muscle capacity and bone density as well as cardiovascular health during lengthy zero-gravity missions.

“With the upcoming UAE space mission to Mars this is a way to engage students in a very contemporary topic, “explains DIDI President Mohammad Abdullah of the challenge selected to determine the recipients of the scholarships. “They can see this coming to life here and to be able to contribute ideas to this exciting project, is a way for them to see the many applications of design and innovations to the careers of the future.”

To be eligible, students, either Emirati or expatriate, must first apply for admission to DIDI. Submissions must be in by July 7, 2019.

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