Dubai Design Week with desert INK

The UAE's top landscape designers are returning to Downtown Design.

Known throughout the region for their visionary landscape designs, desert INK has even created a pop-up secret garden for Chanel in a flat car park space at the foot of the Burj Khalifa. And this year they will be responding to Downtown Design’s 2018 theme ‘Livable Cities’ with a multi-functional recreational space. An indoor installation with outdoor elements will enhance visitor experience alongside the wide range of exhibitors, other creative fair features and pop-up cafes.
‘This year, we wanted the visitors to interact with the installation, so we developed a concept housed within the exhibition hall itself’, states Romit Chakravarty, the project’s lead designer. Exploring a narrative of ‘abstracted dunes’, the installation features a series of staggered terraces punctuated by refreshing bursts of lush planting courtesy of Plantscapes. Incorporating spaces for relaxation and informal meetings, the design aims to be both sculptural and functional while creating a focal point within the space.