Cosentino Middle East partners with Heriott-Watt university for its design challenge

This year's challenge reimagines kitchens using Dekton and Silestone surfaces

Architectural surfaces brand Cosentino Middle East office has partnered with Heriot-Watt University Dubai to introduce the international Cosentino Design Challenge (CDC) for second year Interior Design students of the Heriot-Watt School of Textile and Design.

Cosentino has collaborated with 32 universities worldwide, with its 15th edition including a university from the UAE for the first time. The challenge is part of the company’s global initiative in line with the group’s ongoing commitment to foster the talent and creativity of future professionals in architecture and design.  It also allows students to delve deeper into the various materials and products on offer at Cosentino.

“Platforms such as these offer budding designers a chance to think creatively and on an international scale, explore technical aspects that are critical to this profession and challenge themselves,” said Dr. Malini Karani, Director of Studies for Interior Design (Undergraduate and Postgraduate), Heriot-Watt University Dubai.

Split into Architecture and Design, this year’s edition is under the themes ‘Kitchens with soul – new visions for everyday space’ and ‘Cosentino…materials and sensations’, with the brief including Cosentino’s engineered surfaces Silestone and/or Dekton.

Last year’s CDC attracted 213 submissions in the Architecture category and 150 in the Design category from students across Europe, America and Asia. This year’s submissions will include representation from the Middle East thanks to the participation of Heriot-Watt University Dubai.

“As Cosentino Middle East we have over the last three years collaborated and supported leading design schools in the UAE on several initiatives. It is always rewarding to engage with the region’s talented student community. CDC is a research and development initiative will get participating students to think creatively about finding design solutions for challenges – present and future. We’re eagerly looking forward to the design concepts from the students of Heriot-Watt University Dubai” remarked Miriam Llano, Marketing Manager – Cosentino Middle East.

 The Cosentino Design Challenge 15 is also open for participation to independent student designers. Deadline to submit projects is 1st June 2021.


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