Cosentino champions sustainability across surface design through its collaboration with Formafantasma at Milan Design Week 2024

At Fuorisalone’s historic Teatro Gerolamo, Cosentino showcases the innovative EARTHIC® LAB X FORMAFANTASMA installation

Cosentino x FormafantasmaCosentino x Formafantasma

Cosentino, a global leader in sustainable surfaces for architecture and design, has unveiled EARTHIC® LAB X FORMAFANTASMA, an immersive installation designed to challenge conventions and redefine environmentally conscious design. This collaboration with renowned design studio Formafantasma focuses on ethical production methods and the innovative use of unconventional and reclaimed materials.

The installation debuts EARTHIC® by Silestone®XM, a brand-new collection designed by Formafantasma (FFROM) with a sustainable approach to the surface industry. This collection showcases a dedication to sustainability, highlighting the impact of ethical production and innovative design.

Cosentino x Formafantasma

This series also marks the first release of Silestone®XM Mineral Hybriq Surfaces, a new surface category made possible by Cosentino’s proprietary Hybriq+ Technology®. This innovation ensures that the upcoming collections maintain a maximum of 10% crystalline silica content, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

EARTHIC® LAB is not just an installation; it’s an immersive experience that engages visitors in a conversation around unconventional and reclaimed materials, raises awareness about the importance of design beyond mere aesthetics, and prioritizes ethical production processes. The installation at Teatro Gerolamo merges the past and the future, adding a layer of historical significance to the narrative centered on sustainability. It goes beyond time, reflecting the historical significance of the venue in every surface and element. Through the Teatro’s different levels, visitors can visualize Cosentino’s innovation project on R&D, materials formulation, and sustainability, embodied in the EARTHIC® capsule collection.

Cosentino x Formafantasma

EARTHIC® by Silestone®XM is a capsule collection set to release to market next May. It features new designs containing a maximum silica content of 10% and advances in an innovative composition using a selection of premium minerals, recycled glass, PET, bio-resin, and Dekton® fragments. HybriQ+® technology enables the production of these colors with 100% renewable electrical energy and 99% recycled water.

Cosentino x Formafantasma

According to Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin of Formafantasma, ” The installation introduces EARTHIC® by Silestone®XM collection as a response to a concern, and with an objective to improve its sustainable components. What we hope people will take away from EARTHIC® LAB is understanding the reality of the product, its components, and that design is not only about aesthetics but also about how things are produced. Very often we talk about quality in production, which is about the performance, and we talk about the aesthetic, but rarely we talk about the decision-making behind how they are made. This is extremely important to be able to make an informed decision and this installation will help visitors see that.”

Cosentino and Formafantasma have established a new benchmark for eco-friendly design through their collaboration, inspiring the industry and showcasing how sustainability can coexist seamlessly with innovation and style.

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