Charles Zana embodies the modernity of Manhattan for his new collection for THG Paris

Charles Zana's Hamptons collection for THG Paris summons the modernity of Manhattan.

There are many parallels that could be drawn between the sensibilities of Tunisian-born, Paris-based interior designer Charles Zana and the collections of luxury fittings brand THG Paris. Both embody a specific type of elegance that is traditional in its values yet seamlessly modern in its language, while displaying an approach that marries rigour and fluidity. But perhaps what most aligns the two is their poetic approach. Zana sees himself as something of a ‘musical director’, conducting an orchestra of highly skilled craftsmen, lighting designers and landscape architects, who together build a symphony of spaces. THG Paris, similarly, balances artisanship and modern technologies to craft its collections, passionately driven by the influences of art, design and architecture.

So, it came as no surprise when THG Paris tapped Zana to create its latest collection, Hamptons, which marries both the designer’s and the brand’s love for luxury, softness and sensuality. Thus, the collection embodies just that. Hamptons recalls Zana’s memories of his first encounter with New York City, following his design studies. The shapes and forms of the collection are inspired by Manhattan’s urban grid that is surrounded by water – creating a balance of order and disorder in addition to the geometry of the city’s vertical towers that can be observed in the engravings on the basin mixers – with particular influences drawn from the Art Deco architecture of the Chrysler Building.

The collection fuses cylindrical shapes, notched wheels, ergonomic spouts and sturdy structures, all of which are defined by their function. The fine finishes are diverse in range, some celebrating the magical fluidity of water, others focusing on the beauty of light as reflected in the delicate textures of the crenelated surfaces. The Hamptons collection is a perfect model for the poetic strength that is created when two harmonious forces come together.

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