Head, Hand, Foot: Casey McCafferty’s First Major UK Solo Exhibition at Gallery FUMI

Running till the 29th of June 2024, the exhibition showcases a striking new body of work in carved wood and stone.

To celebrate the global representation of US sculptor Casey McCafferty, Gallery FUMI is proud to present ‘Head Hand Foot’, his first major solo exhibition in the UK. Opening on May 9th, the exhibition showcases a striking new body of work in carved wood and stone, demonstrating McCafferty’s extraordinary craftsmanship and unorthodox experimentation with natural materials.

McCafferty’s creations are deeply connected to nature, reminiscent of the Shakers in 19th century America. Each piece is meticulously hand-carved from raw materials such as ash, walnut, red cedar, and stone. Embracing the unpredictability of his craft, McCafferty allows the natural essence of the materials to guide his creative process, resulting in highly individual, tactile, and powerful pieces. His work, both figurative and abstract, conveys a universal language inherent in the materials, resonating across civilizations.

Drawing inspiration from renowned artists like Henry Moore, Constantin Brancusi, and Barbara Hepworth, McCafferty merges contemporary and ancient narratives. He skillfully intertwines characters and motifs from mythologies with organic forms, often incorporating elements of human anatomy to explore the interconnectedness of humanity.

“My sculptures are tangible embodiments of mythological narratives,” McCafferty says. “They echo the whispers of forgotten languages, bridging past and present, translating the mysteries of antiquity into a language that speaks to the soul, capturing something universally understood and forging connections across time.”

The new body of work at Gallery FUMI features bold, multi-dimensional pieces, from tables, stools, and mirrors to cabinets and chairs. Each piece showcases intricate details and nuanced textures, exuding both sophistication and rustic authenticity. Standout works include the Cairn Table, crafted from walnut and soapstone, and the totemic sculpture Head Hand Foot, made from oiled walnut and limestone. Other notable pieces include one-of-a-kind totems and the exquisite Gaeta Cabinet High, all meticulously crafted from ash, as well as the monumental hanging sculptural totem Hag Stones, made from multiple surplus pieces of wood from past projects.

Casey McCafferty x Gallery FUMI | identity

FUMI founders Sam Pratt and Valerio Capo comment: “We are drawn to Casey’s work for his instinctive, almost primal approach to sculpture. He carves everything by hand in his studio, drawing from a timeless, universal language. His works honor the inherent beauty of his chosen materials while blending with contemporary experimentation. This approach is representative of the work that FUMI seeks to celebrate.”

Gallery FUMI invites visitors to experience Casey McCafferty’s remarkable fusion of furniture design and sculptural art, where each piece tells a story of tradition, innovation, and the timeless connection between humanity and nature.

Cover photo credit: Joe Kramm

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