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Campbell Gray Living Amman unveils ‘Reflection’ at The Corner

Five-metre-high sculpture by Zivo reflects upon family, unity and balance.

Campbell Gray Living Amman, the luxury mixed-use development in Amman’s new downtown district of Abdali, has unveiled a bold new artwork in the centre of its boutique retail space, The Valley. The sculpture, entitled ‘Reflection’, is claimed to represent “the strength and unity of the family throughout the turbulence and adversities of life in today’s ever-changing world” and was created by Belgian-born France-based artist Zivo.

Standing five metres high, ‘Reflection’ will be the latest work to feature in The Corner, the gallery of The Valley, that has previously hosted a number of high-profile exhibitions and displays.

The sculpture is a reflection upon family, unity and balance, encouraging contemplation and evoking feelings of happiness and optimism in the viewer. Three figures, a family standing united, strong and grounded on an undulating, perfectly balanced inverted semi-sphere, depicting the ever-changing world we live in.

“This sculpture is a project extremely close to my heart – working with Zivo to help create this piece was one of the most inspiring moments of my entire life,” said Saad Audeh, Chairman of Campbell Gray Hotels. “This piece promotes unity, family values and the importance of staying together through tough times. I hope it will inspire people and in some small way to bring about a brighter future. With the International Day of Peace approaching, now is the time for us to come together and build a better world.”

The sculpture is now open to the public and can be found in the centre of The Valley in Abdali.

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