Broadway Interiors designs the latest Zafran restaurant with a contemporary outlook

Located in Dubai Hills Mall, the restaurant marks a significant milestone for the brand and the designer

Broadway InteriorsBroadway Interiors designs the interiors of Zafran Restaurant. Photography by Intelier

Located in Dubai Hills Mall, the latest Zafran restaurant designed by Broadway Interiors marks a significant milestone for the brand. Chris Barnes, the founder of Broadway Interiors, spearheaded the project, setting a new benchmark for the brand’s interior standards that will be adopted in all future branches across the region. 

“Being located in such a competitive and high-profile shopping destination, we saw an excellent opportunity to elevate Zafran brand,” said Barnes. “The restaurant is situated right next to the VIP entrance on the ground floor, offering dual access to accommodate the significant footfall from both directions. The design caters to the diverse clientele that Zafran generally attracts, providing varied dining experiences to suit their different preferences.” The interior design concept masterfully captures the spirit of Zafran’s culinary offerings without resorting to literal interpretations. Warm hues, natural textures, and an array of seating options intersect to create an ambience that complements the gastronomic journey.

Broadway Interiors

A key highlight of the design is the prominent placement of the open kitchen, allowing patrons to witness the culinary process firsthand. “We showcased the kitchen prominently, allowing guests to see their food being prepared, which is quite unique for a mall setting,” emphasizes Barnes. Striking a balance between luxury and cost-effectiveness, Barnes spoke about his passion for crafting spaces that create interest without significant expenditure. He was able to strike a similar balance in the Zafran project utilising a dynamic palette. “We’ve used a palette that appears luxurious, yet is economically applied, delivering value to our clients”.

Broadway Interiors

Upon entering Zafran, guests are greeted by a bespoke seating arrangement featuring a circular red velvet booth, serving as the focal point of the space. Complemented by terrazzo-patterned marble tables and custom-made chairs adorned with warm wooden frames and cane detailing, the ambiance exudes elegance and sophistication. The space also features a variety of upholstered seats in muted green and pink hues. Central to the design narrative is the infusion of lush greenery, seamlessly integrated into the dining experience through strategically placed planters. This oasis not only enhances the restaurant’s ambiance but also provides a refreshing contrast to the urban mall setting.

Broadway Interiors

Collaborating with Design Infinity, the fit-out contractor for the project, Broadway Interiors harmoniously blends premium accents with cost-effective materials, resulting in an elevated dining environment without the added expenditure.

“Zafran’s redesign needed to be understated yet remarkable, a task we achieved by focusing on layout, material harmony, and creating different dining zones that cater to varied demographics,” Barnes continues. “The design DNA we’ve introduced is neutral and sophisticated, mirroring the mall’s luxurious vibe and ensuring that the true star remains the food.”

Photography by Intelier

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