Bravo! Marco Piva’s masterpiece

The renowned Italian designer wins at the Wallpaper design Awards 2019!

Marco Piva's Marty console for Visionnaire Home Philisophy

We offer our warmest congratulations to Marco Piva, the Head Juror of our id Design Awards and winner of Wallpaper* Design Awards 2019 in the Dream Factory category for his stunning Marty Console for Visionnaire Home Philosophy.

The Marty console by Marco Piva

‘Nothing attracts me more than working with matter, interacting with it
 in search of new and involving forms and effects. From glass to metals
and stones, an itinerary intensely oriented towards the search for an
unexpressed “essence” and a new way of telling a furnishing product’, explains Piva. ‘My studio has particularly 
addressed the complex subject of light, trying to propose shapes and
surfaces that can generate light efficiently and above all exciting’.

Marco Piva
Marco Piva
Photo: Filippo Avandero

In the Marty collection, the glass tops have been transformed into volumes, and the bases are themselves volumetric compositions of different materials. Stones and metals give a sense of monumentality to compositions intended to be functional centres of important and exclusive seating areas and living rooms. The tables are designed as mini monuments.

The Marty console by Marco Piva

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