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Rim Guirari and Thomas Castagnet combine boldness with earthiness to create functional, aesthetically striking spaces

The new Mustard & Linen office on Saadiyat island will be a hub for innovation and creativity

As the visionary co-founders of Mustard & Linen, Rim and Thomas create spaces that are as functional as they are aesthetically striking. The duo graduated from L’Ecole Bleue, a renowned interior architecture university in Paris. Rim began her career crafting F&B concepts in the region, while Thomas specialised in retail for high-end brands. In 2015, Rim founded Mustard & Linen, and Thomas joined three years later, bringing together their combined expertise to elevate the business.

The new Mustard & Linen office on Saadiyat island will be a hub for innovation and creativity

“Our backgrounds and experiences complement each other perfectly,” says Thomas. “Rim brings creativity and passion, while I provide technical knowledge and a strategic perspective.” The duo draws from a variety of sources, including music, art, and everyday interactions. Rim begins her day with music, gaining energy from various genres, while Thomas finds creativity in his surroundings. “The music I listen to defines my energy of the moment,” says Rim. “I can easily switch from Otis Redding, Al Green and Dire Straits to French music such as Jacques Dutronc and Lou Doillon, to a few pieces that are more energetic,” she says . “In my work, I draw inspiration from various sources – nature, architecture, art, culinary experiences, and everyday interactions. Observing the world closely allows me to capture nuances and incorporate them into my projects,” notes Thomas. 

Rim and Thomas have a deep appreciation for materials that bring authenticity and warmth to their projects. They particularly enjoy working with solid wood, natural stone, and stainless steel, selecting each material with purpose and care. “Visiting factories to handpick the perfect stone piece adds a personal touch to our projects,” says Rim. “And stainless steel, when used cleverly, adds a splash of boldness that never goes out of style.”

Balancing boldness with functionality, Rim and Thomas rely on intuition and a steadfast commitment to excellence. By empathising with the end user and meticulously evaluating their designs, they ensure every detail is crafted to perfection, creating spaces that meet aesthetic criteria and enhance the lives of those who interact with them.

Mustard & Linen is now embarking on this new chapter from its Saadiyat Island headquarters. The company’s new HQ is more than just a workspace; it’s a hub of innovation and creativity. Designed to foster collaboration and inspire creativity, the headquarters features open-plan work areas enhanced by biophilic design elements, a yoga room, a café and a dedicated talks and events area. These spaces are crafted to boost productivity and employee well-being, encouraging creative brainstorming and interaction. “We wanted a space that not only reflects our design philosophy but also provides a platform where our team can thrive and our clients can experience our concepts firsthand,” says Rim. “The new headquarters allows us to showcase our designs in a 360-degree environment, from full design drawing packages to immersive material labs and AI visuals.” 

Spaces Eatery in DIFC is a seamless fusion of functionality and softness

Mustard & Linen’s vision is to grow globally while emphasising a unique design philosophy. The company’s recent projects include a luxury residential plot in London and commercial spaces in Saudi Arabia, marking significant steps in their international expansion. “This is a natural step for us,” says Thomas. “We are committed to quality that resonates with diverse cultures and personalities around the world.” A key aspect of the company’s metho-dology is the integration of AI previsioning in the project concept stage. The company leverages AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to create unique visuals and predict future design trends, client preferences and market demands. This approach has led to increased efficiency, accuracy, and innovation in design decision-making, showcasing the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology in the design industry.

Mustard & Linen - Aldar Experience Center, Jumeriah Beach Road, Dubai
Aldar Experience Center, Jumeriah Beach Road, Dubai

Rim and Thomas embody the synergy that defines Mustard & Linen. Rim brings boldness and purpose to her projects, while Thomas adds technical expertise and wisdom. This combination is evident in their design ethos, where bold colours and natural materials merge to create captivating spaces. The name Mustard & Linen reflects this blend of striking materials and earthy finishes. As Rim explains, “We love combining strong colours (mustard) with soft and natural materials (linen).” Their distinct style is minimal yet soulful, and they approach each project uniquely by listening to clients’ briefs and infusing designs with personality. Whether through bold colour contrasts or unique material choices, their designs are crafted to stand the test of time. “Bold design is not just about selecting the right combination of materials; it’s about infusing spaces with vibrant personalities,” explains Rim. “We take pride in crafting spaces that have an impact on people’s way of living, using strong colors and textures to create meaningful places.” Both Rim and Thomas are always mindful of their customers’ journey and perception of the space. Their love for using strong colors and texture combinations results in soulful environments where each material is chosen with purpose, not just for its visual appeal.

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