An architecture student proposes a lakeside home made from stone for Dubai’s Al Qudra area

A look into a student of architecture’s design for a lakeside building in Al Qudra

Designed by first year student, Sarah Monti from Herriot-Watt University, Dubai, ‘Casa Di Pietra’ has been imagined to not only visually fit into the environment of Al Qudra  in Dubai, but to also serve a pragmatic purpose.

Created as a city-getaway, the project serves to unite the occupier of the space with the surrounding nature in a sustainable way. Monti is particularly mindful of the materials used, appearing to be have always been  part of the environment.

High-density materials are employed to best withstand the summer heat, while the stone masonry’s thermal capacity allows for insulation in order to reduce the heating effect, allowing the structure to be further thermally insulated and sheltered. The pod is oriented on a  north-west axis,  with a pitched and inclined roof to avoid direct sun exposure to the indoor living spaces.

A passive ventilation system is purposefully accounted for to best take advantage of the fresh breeze from the lakes. This is accomplished by channeling the breeze into the north-west windows, which flow into the semi-elliptical space and through the windows, and exists from the internal patio.


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