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Pininfarina + Sanidero capture a GOOD Design Award.

Pininfarina's Vision kitchen for Snaidero

identity congratulated former id Design Awards judge Paolo Pininfarina, as well as Snaidero, on their wonderful news: the Vision kitchen by Pininfarina Design for Snaidero has won the 2018 GOOD Design Award.

A simple gesture, a beautiful sensation. The fluid lines of Vision evoke person-centred ergonomics, pure emotion. Its soft outline reveals personality in the interflow of perfect, symmetrical, perfect geometries, evoking a primordial image of shelter. The design concept encapsulates the modern urge for fluid domestic spaces, with surfaces that flow and materials that immediately convey a sense of purity and sensuousness.

The Vision kitchen by Pininfarina for Snaidero

The design of an interior is only really finished when there is harmony and balance among its different components: the architectural space, the furnishings, the quality of the materials and the finishes. Vision meets this objective, creating a fluid, dynamic space which brings together the different spaces. The use of cupboards with diagonal doors provides design continuity as well as flexible open storage in customised materials and finishes. An authentic solution with an open cupboard with cross-brushed stainless steel back panel), perfectly in keeping with the overall design of the kitchen.

The interaction between volumes and surfaces finds its unquestionable distinctive mark in the Vision design. Vision kitchen features a door with 30° beveled edge integrating a black aluminum trim-handle with knurling detail. From the distinct geometry of the door with integrated profile-handle comes dimensions, symmetries and recompositions.

These, in turn, lead to further symmetries and an interplay of features that can create a strong identity, which add to rather than compromising functionality. This special relationship between volume and surface leads to a design that is simple to decipher and easy to recognise whatever the composition. Whether its a “simple” linear kitchen, an island composition or anything else in between.

The Vision kitchen by Pininfarina for Snaidero

Once again, Pininfarina applies the wonder of form to outstanding function. The elegance of Vision is seen in its airy forms and volumes. A lightness conveyed by the unique design of the base units for islands and peninsulas, a refined element developed by craftsmen in stratified and shaped solid ash wood, with a design that could only be Pininfarina. The base unit is available in walnut-stained ash wood. In addition to the advanced technology used in its construction, it features an integrated silicone LED strip, providing extraordinary visual appeal. Processing this element combines a cutting-edge technology with craftsmanship, starting from the solid wood trunk which is worked with the finger-joint technique.

The hood at the centre of the room also features the distinctive mark of the entire design. The tangential extractor hood is combined with a wooden shelf, in keeping with the design of the base unit of the island counter.



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