A synergistic alliance

Sneha Divias Atelier and Apical Reform announce their international collaboration.

Amrish Patel + Sneha Divias

Coupling their unique yet compatible areas of expertise and experience, the interior architecture and design firm of Sneha Divias Atelier has joined with the architecture, landscaping and engineering specializations of Apical Reform to collaborate in new geographies. Building on an already diverse portfolio, which includes projects in Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA and Kenya, this partnership will allow for an expansion of services to a broader range of clients, especially throughout India.

By combining their individual skill sets, experiences and passions, the two firms will draw upon their collaborative synergy to work together in the creation of a range of spaces with a classic and timeless appeal for people to inhabit and work, while respecting the client’s budget and time.

Their initial collaboration, a penthouse in Ahmedabad’s most exclusive building, is currently in the works with additional joint projects yet to come.

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