A new chapter for Mast Books

The bookstore’s second location opens with identity + minimalist interior design by SAVVY.

Mast Books in NYC
Photos: Adrianna Glaviano

It’s the place you’ll find everyone you’ll ever want to talk to: the bookstore. Mast Books, known for their rare books and editions, has been given an interior design and visual design by SAVVY in its new NYC location. Each and every book within the store is unique, and like a gallery, the one-of-a-kind books are part of a signature collection. Because of this feature, the entire store was designed to be an organised space. Rich woods such as Maple plywood were used throughout , while the large entryway allows for natural light to enter the space organically.

The functionality of the bookstore leads back to the bookcases, which were specially made to fit the location of the store. The large white walls circle the space help to reinforce the idea that the bookstore is more like an exhibition for the books. Another element for the store was the addition of the floating shelves that fill the perimeter of the space in a fitting way.

savvy-studio.net / mastbooks.com