World’s largest rehabilitation centre for people of determination unveiled

Dhs200 million Sanad Village will sit within The Sustainable City in Dubai.

Sanad Village

The Sustainable City, Dubai has revealed Sanad Village, the world’s first and largest rehabilitation and education centre for people of determination.

Sanad Village occupies a 32,000-square metre site, with a built-up area of 19,000 square metres, and construction costs are reported to exceed Dhs200 million. It currently employs 320 highly trained and qualified professionals from around the world, who will be dedicated to caring for 395 people through daily and residential programmes.

The aim is for Sanad Village to become an advanced model, capable of providing support, training and rehabilitation services, including applied behavioural analysis therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, vocational training and life skills training. Additionally, a team of experts specialised in organising workshops and educational classes will train families and members of the community on how to care for and interrelate with people of determination.

Engr. Faris Saeed, Founder & CEO of Diamond Developers, developer of The Sustainable City, Dubai, said: “Through Sanad Village, we want to assure that the Sustainable City continues with its plans to evolve into a complete society that provides the UAE and the world with innovative ideas, [including] the initiatives and projects that target all segments of a society and its different needs. Sanad Village is a great example that shows our commitment to supporting Dubai’s strategy for people of determination and contributes towards achieving the Emirate’s vision.”

Dr. Muhannad Fraihat, Founder and President of Sanad Village, added, “Sanad Village is self-sufficient, and will be providing several facilities such as a miniature shopping complex, supermarket, cinema, restaurants, barbershop and hair salon, a police station, airport services training and an aircraft model provided by the aviation authority and much more. These facilities will transform Sanad Village into an integrated world that allows people of determination to practice, in a safe space, all forms of activities and daily life situations. We intend to make it easier for people of determination and their families to deal with the community outside the Village.”

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