Today! From Wanderlust to Wastelab

Learn how to transform waste + the world at Kohler's DXBDW workshops.

The design workshops will discuss how to innovate for the social good..

Start the day feeling good by learning how to do good. While you’re making the rounds through the Dubai Design Week installations, exhibitions and events pop in to one of the three workshops to learn how design is influenced by travel, how experts are envisioning cities of tomorrow  and how Kohler is transforming pottery cull, foundry sand and other traditional “waste” products into usable ceramic tiles, tabletops and decorative accessories.

Head to: Atrium, Building 4, Dubai Design District

Chit Chat “Wanderlust” Event

1:30 – 2:30pm

Join us for an afternoon of laid-back chats with some of the Middle East’s most influential architects and designers as they share how their travel influences design. The event features 20 slides each shown only for 20 seconds, to challenge the five speakers to present their experiences, ideas, thoughts in regard to the topic ‘Wanderlust’.

Design Forum Dubai

3:00 – 4:30pm

The possibilities of the cities of tomorrow, the integration of design and technology into our daily lives, the use of smart technology in a people-centric way, and the possibilities of artificial intelligence are topics that will be discussed in Kohler Design Forum.

The Dubai forum features leading design professionals from various fields including: Sania Abbas, business leader for Watson Internet of Things in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey region; Paul Priestmann, designer and chairman of global design consultancy Priestman Goode; Giovanni De Niederhäusern, CEO of Carlo Ratti Associati an international innovation and an innovation and design practice that investigates the impact of digital technologies on architecture, planning and design; and Richard Kong, Vice President of Industrial Design, Kohler Kitchen & Bath Americas. The event consists of insightful presentations and panel discussions with industry leaders on trending themes and topics. It offers a platform for architects and designers to inspire and be inspired.

WasteLab Workshop

5:00 – 6:30pm

Theresa Millard is the creative force behind the ‘Kohler Innovation for Good’ social innovation program that leverages the skills and passion of Kohler associates who want to see change in the world. She leads the Kohler WasteLAB believing that taking a nature based abundant view of the world rather than a “lean” approach to waste streams can change how everyone looks at resources. The lab turns pottery cull, foundry sand and other traditional “waste” products into usable ceramic tiles, tabletops and decorative accessories. In this workshop, she is going to talk about the creation of this new lab in Kohler, Wisconsin and the developments that have been made so far and she will explore with the participants their relationship with industrial waste.


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