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Today! DXDBW talks + workshops

The Creative Gym and David Cook will give workouts in design thinking.

The Design Gym is hosting a workshop in design fiction that includes games and thought exercises.

Forget your spin class and come break a sweat at the Creative Gym’s design fiction workouts.

IDEO’s ‘Creative Gym’ offers weekly Design Fiction workouts which invite participants to let their imaginations go a little crazy, and jolt them outside of their comfort zones with surreal challenges. What might a sand restaurant look like just for ants? How do you design action figures made from Celine Dion’s dreams? If the world was different during the Cambrian Explosion, how would our evolutionary family tree look different?

Mitch Sinclair, Chief Creative Officer of Palmwood and Senior Design Director at IDEO, hosts this workshop which will get creative juices flowing, blood pumping and hearts racing, pushing the approach to these quirky design challenges with a playful, open, and non-judgmental spirit. Using elementary craft supplies and found objects, the team imagines, builds and presents concepts. No constraints, no rules, no judgement. This ambiguous, abstract space allows everyone to truly let go and imagine the unimaginable. The truth is – every big idea that’s changed the world has come from this mindset. This isn’t design thinking, it’s design fiction.

From 10-11am @ Dubai Design District (d3), Making Space,
Building 6, Ground floor


And in the afternoon, come and see the what one of the top 100 inspiring Leaders in the Middle East 2018 (as ranked by Arabian Business) can teach your about being an extraordinary leader in extraordinary times.

David Cook is the CEO of the award-winning Dubai-based project management consultancy, Project Partners

David Cook| Communicating Design

Leadership requires mastery over communication. How we present ourselves and how we communicate our intent matters as much as the creative merit of our proposal. Very often, effective communication is the difference between a project won and a project lost, as well as career advancement.

About the facilitator: David Cook is the CEO of the award-winning Dubai-based project management consultancy, Project Partners. Steering premium fit-out projects, the firm bridges design studios with potential clients. David was named amongst the Top 100 Inspiring Leaders in the Middle East 2018 by Arabian Business.

3pm at the Downtown Design lounge in d3.





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